Business Administration Minor

Business Administration Minor

Program Coordinator: Dr. Branko Cavarkapa


The minor in Business Administration is open to all university students and is designed to provide individuals with both a theoretical and practical understanding of operating a business.
Students will acquire proficiency in basic basic skills including technology usage, economics, mathematics, communications and international perspectives. Through this unique business program, Eastern students will develop both a theoretical and pragmatic understanding of how businesses operate as successful competitive organizations.

Course Requirements (18 Credits)

(ECO 201) Principles of Microeconomics
NOTE: This also fulfills LAC-T2IS or GER-IVB

Required Course (3 Credits)
(ACC 201) Principles of Accounting I

General Business Courses (6 Credits)
These courses must be drawn from (2) different areas of business

- Finance
- Management
- Marketing
- Operations

Business Electives (9 credits)
Any 300 level or above business courses selected according to the student’s particular interest. Students may take all-their business elective credits in one functional area for a career focus.
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