Business Administration Major Degree Requirements

Business Administration Major:
(BUAD) Degree Requirements

Related Course Requirements: 12 credits
ECO200Principles of Economics I MacroNone
ECO201Principles of Economics II MicroLAC - T1SS
BUS205Information ManagementLAC - T1M
216 or
Statistical Data Analysis or
Statistics for Business & Economics
Related Business Requirements: 21 credits
ACC201Principles of Accounting INone
ACC202Principles of Managerial AccountingACC 201
BUS201Principles of ManagementNone
BUS225Principles of MarketingECO 201 Recommended
BUS245Business FinanceMAT 101, ACC 201
BUS250Business Law INone
BUS260Operations ManagementMAT 216 or ECO 215 or Equivalent
Common Business Core Requirements: 18 credits
BUS301Business EthicsACC 202, BUS 201, 225, 245, 260, and (ENG 100, 100P or 200)
BUS351Advanced Business Concepts & Entrepreneurial Applications BUS 201, 225, 245, 260
BUS431Management Policy and StrategyBUS 351 & Competency Exam
BUS490Internship*Seniors Only & Permission
Business Electives (any 300 and 400 level business courses): 12 credits
Students who take nine or more unique credits of their electives in one field earn a concentration in that field. Concentrations are available in Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, and International Business. (See the Business Administration Major - Concentrations and Electives Advisement Worksheet for a detail listing of courses approved for the various concentrations.) For descriptions of the business concentrations and related jobs see Business Administration Concentrations
International Perspectives: 6 credits
This requirement can be fulfilled by choosing one of the following options:

  • two international business courses. (This is in addition to the 12 credits of business electives.)

  • an additional year of a foreign language beyond the basic university requirement. (taking an additional year of the same foreign language)

  • an international minor (e.g., Canadian Studies, Latin American Studies, Spanish, French.)

  • one semester of study abroad

  • four years of the same foreign language in high school. (Permission of department chair must be obtained.)

  • two or more years of one foreign language in high school with one additional year at the college 200 level or higher of the same foreign language.

  • be an international student either being: A) in the United States on an F-1, J-1, H1-B or related Visa classification or B) another category of international student with the department chair's permission obtained.


  • Students can NOT use the same business course to serve as both an upper level business elective (12 credits required) and as an International Perspectives coures.

  • To obtain an International Buiness concentration a minimum of 9 credits of international business prospective courses are required. If a student takes an International Perspectives course to partially fulfill the International Perspectives Requirement, the student may NOT use the same course(s) for both the International Perspective Requirement and International Business concentration.

  • Competing successfully in today's global environment is crucial, Eastern's Business Administration International Perspective requirment is flexibly designed to enable students to acquire the International exposure appropriate to their career goals.

Transfer Policy
The Department of Business Administration extends a warm welcome to transfer students from within Connecticut, from other states, and from other countries. Check with one of our advisors on all transfer questions related to the major. Our departmental residency requirement is 24 credits.

Only one transferred course can be used to meet the Business elective requirement for 3 credits.

*Students interested in graduate school can substitute an BUS/BIS 480 Independent Study in research for the internship requirement. Calculus is a prerequisite for the Independent Study in research. Students completing a minor related to Business Information Systems, may subsitute a BIS 490 Internship for BUS 490 Internship for 3 credits.

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