Biology Core Requirements

Biology Core Requirements

The following requirements apply to students pursuing a Biology major, Biology minor, or an Individualized Major where Biology is the primary concentration.  The requirements apply to students following either a BS or a BA degree.  BIO 120, BIO 130, BIO 220, and BIO 230 are prerequisites to all upper-level biology major courses.  Each of the four courses must be completed with a final grade of C- or better.  Only after passing each of the above courses at the required level of proficiency may students enroll in upper-level biology major courses.

Students who fail to achieve at least a C- in any of the above courses may register again for the same course only by permission of the Department Chair.  If the Department Chair is the course instructor, then a senior tenured professor will determine whether permission is granted.  The senior tenured professor will be chosen by order of seniority and cannot be involved with instruction of the course in question.

Biology majors and Biology minors meet the LAC Tier I/Tier II Natural Science requirements by taking the freshman and sophomore courses designated above, regardless of the passing grade received and/or whether they ultimately change majors.

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