Ricardo Perez

Since 2005, Sociology Professor Ricardo Perez has been studying ecotourism in the five north-central coastal provinces of Cuba known as the “Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago.”  Perez believes Cuba’s approach can be a model for the entire Caribbean basin.

Susannah Richards

Associate Professor of Education Susannah Richards has been recognized and honored by the university community for her advocacy of students, her engaging style of teaching, and the incorporation of modern technology and concepts in the reading and elementary education curricula.

Lisa Rowe Fraustino

Professor of English Lisa Rowe Fraustino is a Fulbright Scholar and the author of several highly acclaimed children’s books and young adult novels. Her most recent novel, “The Hole in the Wall,” won the 2010 Milkweed Prize for Children’s Literature and was named a Top Ten Environmental Book for Youth by “Booklist.”

Jamel Ostwald

Assistant Professor of History Jamel Ostwald’s research interests include the 17th and 18th century debate over the proper way to wage war. His book, “Vauban Under Siege: Engineering Efficiency and Martial Vigor in the War of the Spanish Succession,” received the 2009 Society for Military History’s Distinguished Book for Non-American History.

Elizabeth Cowles

Biology Professor Elizabeth Cowles also coordinates the annual Advanced Placement (AP) workshops at Eastern, which are part of a national incentive program focused on raising AP scores in math and science.  “The more AP courses added to high school curriculums, the more prepared students will be for college,” she says.

Sarah Tasneem

Associate Professor of Computer Science Sarah Tasneem conducts research on such computer applications as improving real-time job completion using Residual Time-Based (RTB) Scheduling.  She also teaches several undergraduate courses, including an introductory seminar that explores the cutting-edge field of nanotechnology.

Joshua Idjadi

Assistant Professor Joshua Idjadi conducts research on the community ecology of coral reefs in Jamaica and French Polynesia. Undergraduate students in his lab work on local and tropical projects and are encouraged to form hypotheses, participate in field experiments, and write up and present their own research.

Jennifer Brown

Associate Professor of Economics Jennifer Brown received national media attention for a report she co-authored with Economics Professor Dimitrios Pachis that studied Connecticut Light & Power Co.’s impact on the state’s economy.

Raouf Mama

English Professor Raouf Mama is an internationally-known, award-winning author out of the African oral tradition. He is the only storyteller in the world today who collects, writes and performs indigenous folktales from his native Benin in English, French, Yoruba and Fon.

Tom Broffman

Assistant Professor of Social Work Tom Broffman has been a motivational interviewing trainer and practitioner for more than 16 years. His research area of interest is problem gambling, especially among college students.