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 Office of AccessAbility Services

 Referral List 


The Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) does not endorse these providers. Please verify that the providers are able to supply the appropriate testing and documentation before initiating services with them. Please note that the ETS documentation guidelines differ from the OAS documentation guidelines. The information on this list is subject to change at any time.


Providers Covered by Eastern Connecticut State University Student Health Insurance

Website:, under “Find a Doctor”

Please contact the OAS if you would like assistance in using this search engine.

OAS Phone: 860-465-0189

OAS Email:


UCONN’s Psychological Services Clinic

Location: Storrs, CT

Phone: (860) 486-2642

Fax: (860) 486-4848


Sliding Scale: Yes


SpEd Connecticut Providers 

Description: SpEd Connecticut is a non-profit organization that has a list of providers that are willing to do psycho-educational evaluations at a lower fee. The student must meet income criteria. Please call for further information.

Phone: 860-560-1711


Fee: Preference to $36,000/year household income and college students, on individual basis; $325-$450 


Rocio Chang, Psy.D.

Location: Center for Personal Growth and Development, LLC, 2074 Park Street, Suite 203, Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: 860-680-5461

Sliding Scale: $800-$1500

Insurance: Does not accept


Orit Barkowski Batey, Ph.D. 

Location: Easton, CT

Phone: 203-459-0181

Sliding Scale: No 

Mary White-Roath, Ed.D.


Location: Hartford, CT

Phone: (860) 236-8087, X105


Sliding Fee: Not available; however, timed payments can be arranged

Sarah Hodgson, Ph.D.


Location: Hebron, CT

Phone: 860-916-0341


Fee: $800-$1200 for college students.

Sliding Scale: No

 Eneida M. Silva, Ph.D. 

Location #1: Manchester, CT

Location #2: Tolland, CT

Phone: (860) 604-9268

Fax: (860) 684-3275



Fee: Cognitive/Learning Disability Evaluation: $975; Neuropsychological Evaluation: $1500

Sliding Scale: No

Insurance: Husky/Medicaid on a limited basis


James Perrone, Ph.D. 

Location: Monroe, CT

Phone: (203) 452-7670



Sliding Scale: Yes, based on need

Additional Information:

  • Located in Greenwich and Stamford on a part-time basis
  • UCONN professor
  • Normal fee: $2,000, willing to go as low as $1,000 based on student’s finances


Shelley F Pelletier 

Location: Old Saybrook, CT

Phone: (860) 308-1643


Sliding Scale: Yes

Payment: Mastercard, Visa




Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge 

Location: Ridgefield, Connecticut

Phone: (203) 295-7813



Sliding Scale: Yes

Insurance: Out of Network


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