Incoming Freshman for Fall 2015

Hello, Incoming Freshman!

If you are interested in requesting accommodations based on a disability, please review the Steps to Registering with the OAS. After you submit documentation for your disability, an OAS staff member will email you on your Eastern email account to schedule an appointment.

Please note that current and sufficient neuro-psychological or psycho-educational testing is needed for an AD/HD or ASD diagnosis, as well as for learning disabilities.

If you have a psychological disability or a chronic health condition, your provider may submit a Documentation of Disability Form as documentation.

Documentation can be faxed to: 860-465-0136.

Please feel free to contact OAS staff at: 860-465-0189.

Submitting Service Request Forms

Hello Students!

We hope you ready to begin an exciting semester! In order to request accommodations for the fall, please submit a Service Request Form.

Remember that accommodations do not roll over each semester and your professors won’t be aware of your accommodations until you deliver your Letters of Accommodations. Also, please note that accommodations are not retroactive.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the OAS with any questions or concerns.


Phone: 860-465-0189