If you are looking to register with the OAS, please see the Steps to Registering With the OAS.

Students who are registered with the OAS must request accommodations each semester. Accommodations do not automatically roll into the next semester because the need for services may change with new courses (or due to changes with the disability).

Please complete a Service Request Form and submit it to the OAS as soon as you have registered for your next semester courses.

Each request for accommodations will be reviewed for approval, based on documentation. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the OAS with current documentation. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive.

For more information about accommodations:

Academic Accommodations
Housing Accommodations
Temporary Accommodations

OAS Programs

These programs are open to all OAS-registered students. Please contact the OAS if you are interested in joining one (or more) of these programs:
Career Development Program
Eastern Prep Program
Peer Mentoring Program

OAS Phone: (860) 465-0189

OAS Email: